GADS 2020
These are resources that you can use during the course of this program.

GADS2020 Onboarding Guide

Please read this GADS Onboarding Guide as there is valuable information for you to know about the program.

GADS2020 Slack

You can generate an invite to the GADS2020 Slack by following the link provided. All official communication from the Andela team happens on Slack. Your Peer Learning Group also exists in the GADS2020 Slack and you need to make sure that you are active in your team. Please note: no other form of communication such as WhatsApp, Discord or Telegram is supported or recommended by the Andela team.

Weekly Standup Form

This is the URL you can use to fill in the Weekly Standup Form The form has to be completed every Monday.

Facebook Group

You can join the GADS2020 Facebook Group from this link.

Calendar Link

You can use this link GADS2020Calendar to add the official Andela calendar to your Google Calendar. All official events will be shared through that calendar and the time and date for each event will be translated to your timezone.

GADS2020 Pluralsight Course Content Links

Make sure that you join the Pluralsight channels by following the links provided for your track. You need to make sure that you join the channel on Pluralsight as it contains the courses for each phase of the GADS2020 program and will show your completion of the channel only if you joined it. Please make sure you are signed into Pluralsight before you click on any of these links or it will take you to the account sign-up page.

Phase 1

Cloud Track

Android Track

Mobile Web Specialist

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